At ETS we pride ourselves on discovering creative products that fit our mantra of "Make It New". 

In 2012 we formulated an idea in the retail recreational product area, performed extensive research on the invention, researched manufacturing and distribution options, and worked diligently to finalize the details of a patent ensuring our exclusive rights to bring it to market for everyone to experience.

In 2013 we executed the inital step of our plan to bring this new product design to life.  After an extensive patent filing process, our patent for the product was approved in 2016 and we proudly launched our recreational product innovation, "Skeehole". 

Part of our mission at ETS is to continue to bring new product ideas to market that are fun, entertaining, and put a new twist on traditional play.  With our management team being sports and games enthusiasts, our idea of fun is drumming up a little friendly competition and, of course, winning!  At ETS, we plan for our company and our customers to "win" with the new products we bring to market.

​At ETS we continue to engage in new product introductions that can make a difference in the game room or the board room.  We believe fun is a key ingredient in achieving success, and our retail product focus seeks to keeps things light as we strive to "Make It New".

Retail Product Design & Sales