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Today ETS has continued to increase its focus on extending its software design and development effort including developing funding and investment strategies, evaluating vendors and suppliers, and identifying required skills and expertise to achieve the lofty ambitions of the company.  Linked to those activities, Brad's son, Kevin Francis, joined ExecuTech Solutions LLC as an official member and business partner.  Kevin provides ETS with significant software engineering, web development and project management experience, and is heavily engaged in ETS’ software product initiatives.  Kevin brings determination, drive, and a critical understanding of the software development process to the company, important ingredients for the collective success of the company, clients, suppliers and customers.

In its brief history, ExecuTech Solutions LLC has evolved from the organization of an idea and the building of its business model, and now looks to a promising future of growth.  Thanks for allowing us to share a recap of our early journey.  Keep on the lookout for our product announcements and be sure to follow us as we look to achieve amazing results​.

The “gamey” roots of ExecuTech Solutions LLC (ETS) are at the core of the business model founded by its CEO, Brad Francis.  Whether it is in business or his personal life, games, competition, plans and activities to organize have always been among the key ingredients he has leveraged to achieve the desired outcome.

Brad brought to the founding of ETS experiences that prove that success will follow when commitment, caring, doing the right thing and enjoying the journey lead the way.  In 2014, following a successful career in education and technology, Brad began to advance the plan for ETS based on those principles.

​Initially, ExecuTech Solutions LLC was anticipated to focus solely on strategic technology management consulting services.  In fact, the "ExecuTech" portion of the company name emphasizes the consulting element of the original business model intended to provide executive technology services to prospective clients.  As that channel was evolving, Brad was simultaneously exploring the development of potential patents that he had considered over the years but never had the time to invest due to his role as a corporate technology executive.  To that point, during the latter part of 2014 this unforeseen branch of the ETS business model began to take shape as more organization and planning became focused on retail product design and the approval of the company's first patent in early 2016.

Later in 2016 the third and final component of the ETS business model began to develop as a parallel emphasis on software product design.  With software products becoming the final branch of design focus, the "Solutions" element of the business name became clear and ExecuTech Solutions LLC was off and running.  While ETS officially established itself as a North Carolina based business in July 2012, in recent years its focus has evolved to concentrate on the long-term opportunities associated with software product development and sales.